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Spectrum is a side scrolling 2D video game. An addictive puzzle platformer that challenges the player to use their mind and patience to progress through the game in a beautiful hand painted art world.

Desura Digital Distribution
Spectrum: A puzzle platformer

Spectrum is developed by Mido Basim. A game designer from New Zealand. Development of Spectrum started in August 2012. Many people helped out during the development process.

Special thanks goes to: Shrikkanth Sreedharan (Music) and Joshua Sacco(Art) for their tremendous help.

Spectrum is going to be released on OUYA and Mac soon. Currently released on Windows and Linux.

You can get in touch with Mido Basim on Twitter @Burrewoo

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I (Mido Basim) allow game reviewers to post Let's plays and video reviews of Spectrum on any video hosting website such as YouTube. I only ask them to refrain from spoiling the story of Spectrum to their viewers. I would appreciate it if the reviewer posts a link to this website in their video.